1. MyAD Awareness & Education Initiatives

Kita Adalah Satu is a composed song dedicated to Palestine featuring 7 local singers which are Inteam, Syamel, Ikhwan Fatanna, The Helmis, Dr. Fitri Haris, Adeep Nahar dan Aniq Muhai. To date, the song has reached 38,994 views in Youtube under the production of In-Team records. As the song is jointly contributed among the Malaysian influencers, it has reached wider listeners as an initiative to advocate the public on Palestinian issues through alternative approach of introducing MyAD to the public.

Collaborated with the children’s popular series of Omar & Hana, the initiative featured Omar & Hana in animation, contests and exhibition to instill awareness on Palestine issues to the children. To date, the animation has reached 513,783 views and this collaboration has opened the opportunities for further networking and collaboration with other entities in advocating the Palestine issues to the children.

September 16th brings a 4-hour online jamboree for the whole family to enjoy. This specially curated program for kids from 5 to 12 years old includes several amazing activities with the purpose of instilling love and affection towards our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world, especially the Palestinians

A series of online webinars were conducted to instill awareness and educate the public on Al-Quds. The webinar was conducted online through MyAD social media platform highlighting figures fronting the Palestine issues. These are the episodes of the webinars conducted:

  1. Siri Ada Apa dengan Palestin – 3 Episod
  2. Siri Talk with Defenders – 3 Episod
  3. Siri Borak PKP (Perjuangkan Palestin) – 2 Episod
  4. Siri Hujah Melawan Israel – 4 Episode

MyAD has conducted several episodes of online webinars to instil awareness on Palestine issues to the public which are the following:

  1. Town Hall Khas Myaqsa Defenders (24 July 2021)
  2. Majlis Pelancaran E-Book #Alqudskitapunya
  3. Malam Solidariti Ummah #Kitajagaalquds
  4. Forum Paradigma Kemanusiaan: Kebangkitan Palestin
  5. Dialog Palestin: Intifada Al-Aqsa The Rise Of Ummah
  6. Forum Nakbah: Bencana Atau Merdeka?
  7. JPAF Talk Series Ii: Is Israel An Apartheid State?
  8. Bicara JPAF Siri 1: Negara Israel Dalam Perspektif Kristian Zionisme
  9. JPAF Talk Series 3: Palestine State For All From Christian Perspective
  10. Forum: Truth Unveiled: Dive Into History
  11. Sembang Santai MyAD : Malaysia – Gaza

MyAD had been actively advocating the issues of Palestine through the awareness campaign targeting the public either jointly collaborated with the other entities or with the coalition members. Some of the campaigns that have been successfully implemented by MyAD through social media platform are the following:

  1. #StandWithThe Campaign
  2. #BoycottPUMA with BDS Malaysia
  3. #IsraelKoyak Campaign

Attended by 9 NGOs, the roundtable discussion aimed to discuss the role of Malaysian youth in addressing the Palestinian issues. Specifically, the roundtable discussion also discussed on how to engage the Palestine solidarity among the non-muslim sportsman. The participating NGOs highlighted the resolutions, namely, establishing ongoing campaigns (#IsraelKoyak), organising futsal solidarity sports, research platform (Palm Strategic) and utilising social media through posters and infographics.

Prof. Dr. Abd Al-Fattah El-Awaisi, a prominent Palestinian scholars visited Malaysia to share the insights of the strategic thinking and strategic planning towards the liberation of Masjid Al-Aqsa. The sharing aimed to invite all Palestinine activists either through organisation or individual to collaboratively work together

Siri 1 – Borak Kopi : Perang ‘Asfim Ma’kul

The aim of the session is to provide awareness on Palestinian issues through a discussion of a series of wars that took place with Palestinian people. Through this short discussion also we can get to know the history and causes of the war that happened to the MyAD’ followers in social media. The talk series will be continued for several series with other issues regarding on Palestinian peace.

The Yom Kippur War, also known as the Arab-Israeli War of 1973, the October War, and the Ramadan War, took place from October 6 (Yom Kippur) to October 22/24, 1973 between Israel and the Egyptian and Syrian alliance.

To commemorate this event, let’s join LIVE with Ustaz Hakim Mohd Nor, Chairman of Serantau Muslim to take the spirit of unifying the ummah and discuss the lessons that can be taken for us all Muslims from this event.

2. MyAD Stakeholder Engagement

As part of the engagement initiatives with the stakeholders, the secretariats of MyAD had visited a few coalition members to obtain the input from them regarding their expectation and contribution towards MyAD. The visit seeks to compile the organizational profile of the coalition members and review the proposal they intend to submit to MyAD for collective implementation.

The program aims to engage and instill the sense of belongingness among the stakeholders, secretariats and coalition members through engaging discussion. The program managed to gather and collect input from coalition members to strategize the direction of MyAD.

The 3rd Malaysia Civil Society Organisation Transformation Day 2021 a programme organized with Philandure, Deniz Feneri and FAMES which designed to reimagine the civil society organizations in Malaysia in transforming the landscape into a constructive change. With the theme of Transforming Organization Legacy, Championing Social Pulse, the one-day event showcased thought leaders to share knowledge, insights and experience around nation building key issues including organizational sustainability and development, talent development, social innovation and strategic management.

The event managed to gather the coalition members to present the progress of MyAD since the establishment and establish close engagement with the stakeholders. Issues and challenges were discussed to resolve any concerns and come into consensus.


The main purpose of the program is to coordinate the volunteer arrangement of MyAD NGO coalitions to provide emergency assistance to the flood victims affected during the flood disaster within Klang Valley in terms of cleaning (WASH), psychosocial and micro-needs. A total of 345 individuals registered their interest to participate as volunteers and the actual volunteers turn out throughout the 4 phases of volunteer coordination intervention is 196. There are a cumulative of 8 venues that were provided with the emergency flood relief assistance.

Training of Volunteers (ToV) is the beginner level of MyAD volunteer development and empowerment designed to equip participants with basic knowledge of volunteerism and humanitarian activities that was held in Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM).. A pre and post assessment were conducted to the participants to measure the impact of the events in empowering the volunteers in the competency aspect of Professional Acumen, Collaboration, Delivering Results and Vision & Direction. Overall, the result of the impact measurement showed an increase of mean score across the 4 competencies which provide a good benchmarking for MyAD to continue such volunteer development for intermediate and advanced level.

Following the MyAD SKUAD Training of Volunteers organized on 26 and 27 February 2022, the project aims to empower MyAD volunteers through project identification, planning and implementation. Collaborating with the coalition members MVM, 12 volunteers of MyAD participated in the program to provide food packs and meals to the identified beneficiaries.

Moving forward of this program, the pool of volunteers will continue with a volunteer empowerment framework designed specially for MyAD.

4. Restoration / Reviving Palestinian's Pride

Food pack
The aim of the project is to provide emergency food aid to 3,500 families that were affected by the war. A total of 3,500 food packs are distributed ($37/pack) to benefit 3,500 households.


The project aims to provide medical supplies for Al Aqsa clinic in Jerusalem for those affected by Israeli aggression. Hundreds of patients benefit from this intervention.


The projects benefit 50 victims’ families who were affected by Israeli aggression in Jerusalem by providing legal attribution support to find a lawyer to represent them in court.


The project benefited 40 families where a monthly support of $200 was distributed to the families in Palestine who were affected by the Israeli aggression.


The project benefited 300 families and their children through distribution of the zakat to the most vulnerable families in Jerusalem and the west bank – Palestine who were affected by the Israeli aggression.

This project is to establish a mosque which is Masjid Khulafa’ Ar-Rasyidin, Sur Baher, Al-Quds and advocacy center in the Sur Baher area, including a mosque for men and women, and a cultural and educational center, which can cater around 500 students a day.

5. Community Empowerment and Development

The project aims to support the needs of civil defense in Gaza through the construction of fire stations, fire trucks and ambulances. Due to the restriction of importing the fire trucks from the neighboring areas, the construction of fire trucks were conducted within Gaza.