Training of Baitul Maqdis (TOBS)

This program is an added value and support for NGO partners combination, then MyAD’s sponsorship of the Training Program of Baitul Maqdis (TOBS) Series 2 organized by Cinta Gaza Malaysia (CGM) is a proactive step in ensure that the close cooperation relationship between MyAD and CGM can be further strengthened. The 2nd Series TOBS program organized by CGM aims to train young adults 18 years to 30 years in providing a deep understanding of Baitul Maqdis according to the strategic planning that has been planned by the Prophet SAW.

Therefore, the TOBS Specialists program needs to be implemented immediately as a starting point community togetherness as a communicator about the importance of Muslims especially in liberating Baitul Maqdis in terms of science, politics and military.

Photo Credit: Cinta Gaza Malaysia

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