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MyAqsa Defenders (MyAD) is a youth movement from various CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) including NPOs, NGOs, IDOs (Impact Driven Organizations), celebrities and Influencers who passionately want to uphold the freedom and liberation of al-Quds.

At MyAqsa Defenders, we have been working since our establishment on May 11, 2021, to provide humanitarian aid needed by Palestinians, especially in Al-Quds, who have experienced injustice and violations of their fundamental rights and freedoms as human beings. MyAqsa Defenders (MyAD) is a youth-led movement that includes CSOs (Civil Society Organisations), celebrities, and initiates who want to fight for the Palestinian issue holistically and strategically. The movement began with an emergency meeting on May 11, 2021 involving over 18 NGOs and several humanitarian and community icons.


Leading collective forces aggregator towards a peaceful Palestine by 2030.


Aggregating impactful and sustainable development interventions for Palestine via creating sustainable funds, preservation of equitable ownership, heritage and demography of Palestine.

Area of Intervention

MyAqsa Defenders adopted The Area of Intervention Framework as a planning and management tool to identify and categorise the various areas in which we intervene or operate. The AIF is referred to as a program framework or strategic framework.

Our Values


Being able to be responsible towards the roles and commitments towards MyAD.


Information is freely available and directly accessible to the relevant stakeholders


Abiding with good governance structure and effective organizational development and management.


Establishing strategic partnership with relevant stakeholders to achieve MyAD’s mission and vision.


Synergizing the collective initiative among the stakeholders.

Supreme Councils

Our board is composed of highly-qualified leaders in business, technology, nutrition, fast-moving consumer goods and other relevant disciplines. Each Board member has proven experience, skills and current expertise aligned to our business goals.

Nadir Al-Nuri Kamaruzaman

Cheif Executive Officer, Cinta Gaza Malaysia.

(Dr.) Ahmad Sani Dato' Abdul Alim Araby

Cheif Executive Officer, Malaysian Consultative Council For Islamic Organization (MAPIM).

Ahmad Fahmi Mohd Samsudin

Cheif Executive Officer, Global Peace Mission Malaysia.

Ustaz Mohammad Yaakob Yusra

Managing Director, Murtadha Dakwah Centre.

Ahmad Musa Al-Nuwayri Kamaruzaman

Cheif Executive Officer, Cinta Syria Malaysia.

Mohd Fauzan Abdul Sukor

Founder, Muslim Volunteer Malaysia.

Our 19+ Coalition Members

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Nadir Al-Nuri Kamaruzaman

CEO, Persatuan Cinta Gaza Malaysia

Born in 1987, Muhammad Nadir Al-Nuri bin Kamaruzaman the lone activist for humanitarian projects from Malaysia who resides in the Gaza Strip, Palestine. He is also known by the name Nadir Al-Nuri. Nadir is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a non-governmental organization called Persatuan Cinta Gaza Malaysia. Nadir has also been selected as an ambassador through the Prime Minister's Special Envoy to the Middle East to coordinate aid from non-governmental organizations in Malaysia to Palestine. Various long-term projects have been successfully created to help the economy of the people of Gaza through initiatives from Cinta Gaza Malaysia. With his presence there, it makes project planning and implementation easier and becomes a bridge for NGOs in Malaysia to provide direct assistance. In 2021, he also founded the MyAqsa Defenders (MyAD) that was established in May during the war in Ramadan. He has also written the book "Sedekad di Penjara Terbesar Dunia" which tells about 10 years of living in an area very close to the war zone in Gaza. This big name has contributed a lot in the reconstruction of the people of Gaza. Has healed many sad hearts by giving them help and support.

(Dr.) Ahmad Sani Dato' Abdul Alim Araby

CEO, Malaysian Consultative Council For Islamic Organization (MAPIM)

Born in Penang on 4th July 1984, (Dr.) Sani Araby Al-Kahery or his real name Ahmad Sani Araby Bin Dato’ Abdul Alim Araby, a versatile person and  the most important figure in the development of MAPIM in fighting for the plight of the oppressed Palestinian, Syrian, and Rohingya people through conferences, round table discussions and work- humanitarian work. He has also received many recognitions at the national level, including being named as the Special Award Figure (Youth) Maulidur Rasul 1435 Hijrah at the Penang State Level, being the only recipient of the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Volunteerism, the youngest in the university’s 95-year history and commissioned by YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (Malaysia’s 7th Prime Minister) as Honorary Assistant Commissioner to the Malaysian Civil Defense Force (APM) and as APM’s International Disaster & Humanitarian Advisor. Now, (Dr.) Sani is the Chief Executive Officer at MAPIM, focusing on leading with various high-impact projects with various collaborations at the international level and becoming beneficial to the whole world.

Ahmad Fahmi Mohd Samsudin

CEO, Global Peace Mission Malaysia (GPM)

Very well known name in the world of humanity. Ahmad Fahmi now is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Global Peace Mission Malaysia (GPM) which now GPM is the first responder and is one of the coordinators for NGOs in Malaysia in providing assistance in the event of a disaster in Malaysia. Not only in Malaysia, GPM is also active in humanitarian missions abroad, especially in the ASEAN region. Fight for the Uyghur ethnic regarding their issues and becoming a character in an effort to bring the narrative of the involvement of parliamentarians from various political parties to fight for humanitarian issues in Malaysia. Many recognitions have been given in this Southeast Asian region such as becoming one of the Regional Islamic Da’wah Council of Southeast Asia and the Pacific (RISEAP), Consultative Council on Foreign Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia.

Ustaz Mohammad Yaakob Yusra

Managing Director, Murtadha Dakwah Centre

Started managing Murtadha Dakwah Center which was founded in January 2018 for development and education operations which is now known as Murtadha Dakwah Center (MADAD). MADAD now has its own maahad or Tahfiz Center which places teachers and students. MADAD focuses on memorizing Al-Quran in a short, quality time. Ustaz Yaakub Yusra is one of the Governing Board who is the Managing Director of MADAD. MADAD has achieved many successes year after year in providing education, da’wah, charity and automation systems for a better ummah. A familiar figure in television, the Tanyalah Ustaz slot, and in other da’wah mediums. MADAD is also in the 2030 development phase: Murtadha Dakwah Center Islamic Community Center 2.0 which is complete with a 24-hour mosque with capsule hotel facilities, a janazah management center and Tahfiz center. Now, MADAD is also active in making charity campaigns where all these donations will be used for the development of Murtadha Dakwah Center 3.0 which focuses on building a mosque for the elderly & tahfiz.

Ahmad Musa Al-Nuwayri Kamaruzaman

CEO, Cinta Syria Malaysia (CSM)

Musa Al-Nuwayri is the younger brother of Nadir Al-Nuri, born in 1994. Continuing his studies in Jordan. He is the founder and now Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cinta Syria Malaysia, helping Syrian refugees abroad and Malaysia in particular. Who doesn’t know the young man who was imprisoned for six days and prevented from entering Jordan for helping Syrian refugees in Jordan. Never giving up hope, in 2018 he opened Pusat Bimbingan Alternatif Cinta Syria Malaysia (PBACSM) in Bandar Seri Putra, Selangor. Before that, Musa started with opening the first school for Syrian refugees in Jordan in May 2016 and then in Kilis, Turkey. Not only that, Musa has also authored a book titled “Lelaki Terakhir Menangis Di  Bumi” which tells how all efforts to help Syrian refugees began. Until now, he never stopped and until today he was invited to give talks about what is really happening in Syria.

Mohd Fauzan Adbul Sukor

Founder, Muslim Volunteer Malaysia (MVM)

Mohd Fauzan was a founding member of Muslim Volunteer Malaysia “MVM”. Additionally, has been involved in humanitarian work since 2012. He has taken part in humanitarian relief efforts in Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and other countries. Holds a degree in shipbuilding engineering and has worked in that field for 7 years. Now he is the most important person in MVM. He is also one of the important characters who mobilize the MVM team through the empowering of volunteers throughout humanitarian missions carried out either within Malaysia or outside Malaysia with the help of food supplies, health and other impact projects. He is also active in giving lectures on volunteerism and early steps before disasters at universities and other focus groups for young people.