Command Centre MyAqsa Defenders (Operasi Taufan Al-Aqsa)

Palestinian Mujahidin have launched Operation Al-Quds Typhoon (Operation Al-Aqsa Flood) on Saturday 7 October 2023 starting at 6.30am local time and 11.30am Malaysian time. The operation began when Al-Qassam fighters launched attack over 5,000 rockets and conduct ground and air operations in the settlements of Zionist immigrants around the Gaza border in the South Israeli Colony. MyAD took steps to open the Command Center to monitor the war situation there 24 hours a day.

MyAD also made the initiative a success 100 hours of live broadcasts on the MyAD social media platform to discuss issues and matters related to Palestine non-stop for 100 hours. MyAD is also successful launched the #Israelcuak campaign a string of what happened after the success in #Israelkoyak before to show support for our brothers in Palestine.

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