Emergency Project in Gaza 2021

The Gaza Emergency Program (Food Packs) was implemented immediately as an initial project to express unity among the 23 NGO coalition of MyAqsa Defenders (MyAD). This project was chosen based on the immediate needs of the people of Gaza after the 2021 war.

The war on the Gaza Strip in May 2021 is considered a devastating war, as many families migrated from their homes and went to schools for shelter. Through MyAD we have supported the displaced families by distributing 1,500 food parcels in central and southern Gaza, to strengthen the resilience of the displaced families, and on the other hand, to alleviate the suffering of war.

The main objective of this project is to provide immediate assistance to the affected people of Gaza in addition to showing solidarity between NGOs in the MyAD coalitions. We have signed an agreement with the Ministry of Social Development. The ministry is responsible for providing shelter to displaced families and also for providing a list of beneficiaries in Gaza.

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